As long as it is soft and relaxed we can call it Lounge
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About Lounge
One can say that Lounge is based on Electro sound especially Jazz. But Jazz has a very wide spectrum since it uses large no of instruments. That easily makes many variations on theme. One of them is Lounge, Smooth Jazz, Bossa nova, Acoustic music and other sounds of its ´family´ can be essence of Lounge, too.
This music can be called ´´ easy listening´ ´ It got its name by hotel premises called Lounge where guests can relax by listening to the nice music in the back. You can hear such music in piano bars of the hotels, casinos, airport spaces made for passengers relaxation while waiting for their flight.
Lounge does not intrude you, it doesn´t press you to listen. It is pleasant to be heard. Usually, it is some Electronical version of a widely known music. Just, without lyrics. It fills the space with pleasant sound.


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